Distinctive Fountains, urns, Planters and Sculpture
In Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement

our technology

  • Advanced technology featuring “spray up” glassfibre reinforced cement (GFRC).
  • GFRC that is 75% lighter than concrete - 2x the strength of fiberglass.
  • Uses High Zirconia Alkali Resistant Glassfibre.
  • Fibres add strength and flexibility to the concrete resulting in a strong, light-weight product.
  • Exclusive use of image technology that’s engineered to deeply penetrate and shield surface pores. image repels surface water and moisture while retaining cement breathability.
  • image binders that increase structural strength, control cement alkaline and virtually eliminate efflorescense.
  • Reactive oxides that create an enduring finish lasting much longer than paints, stains or dyes.
  • Innovative handcrafted color finishes that are beautifully enriched by age and the elements.